Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Soundtrack - Video Blog

It was Spring 2001, a Fresh-Faced Intern was arriving @ The Fox Sports Lot on Pico Blvd. The initial stages of a young man's dream, & creative journey for years to come. Overall, Media/Broadcasting ventures have been in the forefront, however the ENERGIES and Self Expressions that NEW YORK CITY embodies, has given a larger spectrum of imagination.

The LA to NY Video Blog was a Passion Project that granted reflection into the Moments of Change/Growth/&Experience. The Music Selection was an integral element of the story. Special Thanks to all of the Musician/Producers/Artists that have been featured on the project.

A list of Music Cues can be found below as well as a Video Expression to "Runnin4AReason" which was the lead song for the LA to NY Experience. R4AR was Co-Written by Mark E. Alan & Randomly Ronnie Jr. R4AR - Performed By: Mark E. Alan. click read more to view Music Selection

Runnin4AReason : Co-Written By
Mark E. Alan & Randomly Ronnie Jr

Randomly Ronnie Jr : Video Blog CLICK HERE
"Peace & Thought Freedom" - Randomly Ronnie Jr

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tiffany - Never Met A "Halloween" Jerk

TIFFANY IN TOWN.... whoa!!!! lol, My dear friend and creative performer Tiffany Phillips made a recent NYC appearance. The Halloween festivities and stories of Tiff's Fallen Jerks, had me doing quite the Song & Dance @ My Own Therapy Session. But more on that later, JK. Tiff's One Woman Show made an appropriate East Coast Halloween Engagement. Phillips actually attended AMDA & was an East Harlem resident for years, so.... a homecoming of sorts via United Solo Theater and her crowd interactive show,
THNX Chiiiile, not to be confused w CHILD (Tiffany Voice)
Mama Evelyn & Tiffany @ Red Rooster, Halloween
Juvenile said it best, "She Get It From Her Mama"

"Never Met A Jerk" Blog Post @

Saturday, November 9, 2013

How To "ENTREPRENEUR" in America

As we all focus to seek the tips & tricks to "Make It In America," The Guide to Entrepreneurship is much more attainable than you'd think. My Life Purpose Expert (Life Coach) has recently collaborated w myself & her marketing team to give us the proper tools for any Aspiring Entrepreneur

6 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WISHHING Tree - Artistic NYC

23rd Street, WISHING TREE @ My Feet. Simple Question of suggestion, asking to prompt an answer for an undefined selection.
CLICK read more for BANKSY Art 24th Street

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Treat to HAPPY FEATS

Back in Winter 2012, the amazing CJ & Jenn came to visit the City of New York, and while the two created an experience of their own, I was left with such an intrigue & interest in the recent works of their Non-Profit, Happy Feats. The entire STORY could best be explained by CJ & The Jimenez Family who lost their ANGEL; Jacob Jimenez, back in 2006. Now flashing forward to 2013, the impact has led CJ to an exciting time for Happy Feats and all that they've supported. The Non-Profit, Happy Feats brings Sox & SMILES to children who are battling an illness and are hospitalized for various reasons. Happy Feats has recently teamed up with B-Fit Los Angeles for the 1st Annual Autumn 5K Run. Proceeds will go towards the Non-Profit. If you would like to Donate & Support, Simply : CLICK HERE

Monday, September 30, 2013

TWERK in NYC (World Record)

#TWERK.... A word that may have indeed been added to the Webster Dictionary, & with an erotic Dance-Move as old as time, well, hmmmm ?? ANYHOW, LOL.. twerking has taken the buzz and it was only a matter of time before THE TWERK made it into the Guniess Book of World Records. The NYC madness took place in Herold Square w over 300 people shaking their Dump Truck for a solid Two Minutes!! When in ROME, TWERK IT!!



Friday, September 13, 2013

The Journey - Los Angeles to New York City

CLICK "READ MORE" to see webisode video

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best-Of (Radio Days)

Collection of Radio/Online & New Media Content

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1st Year - New York (July 4th)

New York, New York, Big City of DREAMS.... lol. Celebrating the Holiday emerged within my first year on the East Coast will obviously open for some creative self expression. In this case tho.... it's nice to merely throw on a smile and a Yankee fitted and #ENJOY.

More Content along w LA to NY video blog scheduled ahead.

Chasing The Dream & Embracing The Experience !!!! #ThoughtFreedom

Grew Up In LA, Growing Up in New York

click "READ MORE" to see my pick, as the ULTIMATE NYC SONG

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Instagram, Memories, & More!!!!

WHOA.... writing a blog definitely makes for an ultimate aspect of reflection. In the past few years, several new experiences have emerged in my life on a personal and professional level. It's awesome when you have a place to visit and embrace the journey from Then, Now, & Tomorrow. Looking Back, I have realized that I have collected over 80 Youtube Videos, 170 Blog Posts, & an Instagram with Pictures Galore. Every single day I am growing, and as I was strolling around HARLEM the other day, my quote couldn't be more alive, "I Grew Up in LA, Growing Up In New York"

July 4th marks my "One-Year" mark in NYC, and I couldn't be more excited about the next stage of my life along w the great people in it. Below is a Photo Link to one of my most inspiring Blog Posts. Although it was short and simple, those that have spoke w me on an intimate level will always understand why I smile when thinking, "Cabo = Clarity"

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lake Shrine - Mediatation / Peace Of Mind

As you know, I tend to blog about anything and sometimes everything and although most of my stuff tends to lead towards an entertainment angle, I had an experience w some LA friends that really made sense. Kimlai Yingling got some friends together this past May for a peaceful journey & discovery. The Lake Shrine Temple sits along the Pacific Palisades in California and has so much to offer. The website recently created a full write-up which best expresses the afternoon activities. Click Photo Below to Read More. #Namaste

 @KimlaiYingling @LulaCherryFilms @DJJesseJ @Gabrielle_Loren 

Additional Post : Santa Barbara, Road Trip CLICK HERE

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gloria Govan on American Latino TV

During my winter trip to LA, I got a chance to spend time @ my former Production Job, American Latino TV & LatiNation. The Producers graciously had me conduct an interview w Reality Star & Author, Gloria Govan. I had a chance to interview G back at the AfterBuzz Studios so this made for a nice "catch-up" w her and Publicist, Kweisi Gharreau.

Gloria talked to me about her latest happenings including Family, Fame, & Future. Her cook-book, "A Mixed Girls Favorite Recipes" features her multi-cultural influences & Black & Mexican Heritage.Video Below !!!!

Produced/Written By: RONNIE JR / Lead Producer : HUMBERTO GUIDA
Additional Segments via American Latino : CLICK HERE

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Conversation - Compound Foundation

Recently, I took a trip back to LA with my Broadcasting Buddy, Julain DuJarric. As we showed him around Los Angeles, I recall he had explained the magnitude of his incredible new interview w R&B Artist Ne-Yo via Channel One News. Julain broke down the true essence of Ne-Yo's Compound Foundation which bridges a gap for youth in Foster Care. Julian has previously worked as Co-Host of American Latino TV and has been a good friend over the years, I am most proud of his recent report. Great Job Julian !!!!

Pictures From Los Angeles Trip
More Info on Julian :

Monday, May 27, 2013

AfterBuzz Flashback w Kat (Hit The Floor)

Hey Ya'll or should I say Happy Memorial Day Ya'll. LOL.. Over the years, working w The AfterBuzz Studios has opened an amazing network of movers & shakers. As we welcome the Summer of 2013, I wanted to look back at Former Co-Host, Kat Bailess & her Memorial Day Success. Katherine has plenty of Charm, Charisma, & Talent, it's no wonder VH1 has cast her in their latest Scripted Series, "Hit The Floor." The show premieres Memorial Day weekend and looks to have a nice place w the VH1 demographic. I especially enjoy that the series also stars "American Latino TV" Host, Valery Ortiz. With stars like Kat & Val along w a juicy storyline.... looks like the show will Hit The Floor Running!!!!

(AfterBuzz TV) Flashback w Actress, Kat Bailess (2011)
Hit The Floor Trailer - CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outdoor Music Festivals - Summer (NYC)

As a Cali Boy, my first Winter Season in NY has definitely been a challenge. As we approach the Steamy&Warm Atmosphere, I couldn't be happier about all that New York & It's Outdoor Vibe has to offer. Looking back @ The Summer of 2012, events like Mister Sunday (Gowanus Grove) & Afro Punk (Ft. Greene) couldn't excite me more. Check Out two of my latest YOUTUBE Posts recapping the experience!!

RandomlyRonnieJr - Video/Blog Coverage Requests :
(Contact) Jesse F. Daniels -

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Family, Familia.... #Love

Bro & Sis.... Luv these fools, Cheers, RJ

Friday, April 26, 2013

Late Night Dreams to The Universe

Uhhhh, ya know how they say, Talk To The Universe. Well I certainly do, Hahaha. And as I was making several Youtube and Blog Updates, I figured the Universe would get a kick outta these Photos. Some way and some how, I always end up around Late Night TV, LOL.... Hmm, Carson Daly where ya at

Vintage Ronnie Jr - National TV Debut (2005)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Youtube Channel Updates

Hey Folks, so.... recently I have been fueling myself with some nice creative energies. From my original trip into LA back in Jan, to an Awesome NYC end-of-winter mode, and everything in between, it's real cool to have a platform such a blog, social media etc to express yourself. Ok asaide from all that Thought Freedom mumbo jumbo, shit.. I just felt like editing and actually have lots of archived footage of vids that are just about done. To be honest when I started sorta learning to edit w my buddy Jordan, it wasn't really my thing. But recently I not only have been able to create some incredible projects for hire, but have also been able create web vids that can last as cool ass memories from years to come. Below I would like to attach Three Web Vids. All of which tell a different story, and as I always say, No Glory w/out A Story. Enjoy !!!!

Check Out More : Marcie'elago - Youtube Channel

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Showtime @ The Apollo

From the beginning, everyone basically associates Harlem w Showtime @ The Apollo. And even tho the venue is very much doable and located locally to me, it sometimes take a nice push to get some folks together and enjoy the moment. One of my best buds Katrina Kitsis rounded up a group recently to help celebrate her Birthday, Apollo Style.

Just as you have seen on TV, such a great vibe, such fun energy and so many cool performances. I personally chose to take it easy and have a sober night, however.... the essence of The Apollo can certainly make you feel a bit buzzed. A buzz on this thing called life. I am definitely glad I was able to attend and bring in another Birthday with my long-time amiga, KK

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Santa Monica Update - Reporter, RJ Andrews

Santa Monica Update : Written/Produced, RJ Andrews

In 2012, The City of Santa Monica added me to their team of Freelance Reporters for Santa Monica Update. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working Radio, TV Production, & New Media, So mixing in an experience like this was a true blessing. I'll be shopping the footage to some of the Local Networks here on The Eastcoast, ya never know, RJ Andrews The Reporter??

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wedding Singer, I mean Wedding HOST, LOL

Over the years, Media & TV has acted as the number one driving force of who I am as a person. However, when I moved to NYC as much as those goals sit on the top of the list, making and building a life for myself definitely takes the priority. It was pretty shocking and very appreciative when I was asked to Host Jamal & Angel's Wedding @ an Art Gallery in Chelsea.

I originally met the couple while working as a Doorman for their building. It's funny how random conversations and what you put in the universe can truly dictate the story of your life. I never knew that waking up one morning to work as a Concierge/Doorman could lead to an incredibly inspiring experience.

I hosted and attended the Wedding Reception w two of my closest NYC buddies, Veronica & Will in which we all had a wonderful time. My big take away was the Re-Emerging satisfaction I had in my skills as Host, Entertainer, etc etc. The Couple had been extremely sweet to me and also taught me a thing or two about life. As I said, it's pretty interesting where life could lead you when you allow it to. Those words are words that even I struggle with on occasion. Nevertheless I was honored to have been asked to Host and collaborate with the Beautiful Couple.

Wedding Song - Nina Simone "To Love Somebody"