Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vote RJ -

Log on to and Continue to vote. The GotCast website has been casting some of the most memorable Reality TV Programs and More. I am usually involed in a Casting so check back and start voting.

Improv Olympic - Yeahhh it's Funny

Comedy is just one of those things that each person has a different opinion about. But in the world of Improv Comedy it's on another level, I personally feel that you're engaged in something so memorable after each time you witness it. Now.....who am I talk about all this like I actually know whats up, WELL, I'm just an amature in the game who is really enjoying the process. Currently I'm taking an entry level workshop at IO in Hollywood and am loving every, angry, psycho, and humiliating minute. A few years back I took a workshop at the Groundlings, But for some reason I've been connecting a little more this go-around. The Improv Olympic Alumni list includes Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Andy Dick, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and basically everyone who has had you laughing. From June 1st thru the 7th IO WEST is having thier 6th Annual Commedy Festival.

Its gonna be pretty cool, Both Students and Alumni will be in attendace. There are going to be some of the best shows Improv has to offer. All the Info can be found at If your in the area drop by, Cause I know there will be alot of funny people in and around IO West.

Now if everything went the way I wanted it, I would eventually be one of the successful Alumni that has trained and performed there. But lets not jump to conclusions. I'll check back the with this Blog next week to share all that happened & Hopefefully I will get to meet Charna Halpern. Charna along with the late Del Close were the masterminds behind IO. Charna can be seen currently on MTV's The Real World 20 as she instructs the new cast.


My New - Mac Book Pro

Yup, I got my Mac Book Pro, So excited to finally get one of these monsters, Haha. I've been saving up for a while and am really gonna love this thing. Aside from it being cool and quick, I'm working on aqquiring Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express to get back into Video Editing. On an Amature Level I use to work with a PC at my Parents House on a Program called Premiere, It does an awesome job but to have a Mac and get Final Cut is gonna be insane. Special Thanks to Marcos (M Madison) of The Movin 939 Family for the Hook-Up. See ya on the I Chat


Finally Blogging !!!!!!!

HEYYYY, For a few months now I've been talking about getting a Blog Page, And naturally laziness usually sets in, However today I was up at 6am which is insane for a Saturday. SOOOO, I thought I would finally get this up and running. Not sure on what exactly I'm gonna be doing with the Page, But your gonna wanna check back as much as you can.....

Anyhow, Have fun on the net and stay away from Midget Porn, OK COOL