Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congrats to My Lil Sister - Graduation Time

Ten years ago, I was graduating from Narbonne Highschool and now Robyn is doin the same thing. She'll be going to Cal State Fullerton later this Summer. We are all so proud of her, Check out the Video we put together of some awesome memories she has shared with her Best Friend, Alexandria...... Love ya Baby Sis

Me & Robyn

Ruelas & Garcia Family

Subway.....Eat Fresh !!!!!!

For the past few Months I have really tried to "Eat Fresh." And No I'm not on a Diet or anything....But I really think its time to make some changes. For the longest time I've always had a confident attitude about my 280 pound frame, But now I am realizing that it couldnt hurt to take off some LB's. And really its not about loosing weight, Its about feeling better. Step by Step I've been cutting out all the crap I was use to, Ya know.....Mayonaise, Burgers, Ice Cream, Soda & Beer.

Subway's Fresh Fit menu has definatly set me into gear, I am now making suddle changes like, Having Wheat Bread over White Bread, Mustard over Mayo, Apple Slices over Doritos.....Its kinda tuff, But I'm really starting to feel a little healthier, I gotta thank Mi Amiga Tera Bonilla who has constantly helped and supported me.

Jared Fogel (Subway Guy)

Joel Mchale (Talk Soup)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

School Of Rock - Break a Leg .... Ouchhh

Ohhhh What a Night, I guess Friday the 13th really does mean something. hahaha.....

The event was a HUGE SUCCESS, The "School of Rock" kids were jammin. I'm talkin about some of the greatest performances I have ever seen. The kids covered Bands like Guns N Roses, The Doors, Motley Crue, Zappa, and more. The event was held at Ritual in Hollywood and the place was packed. I was having a great time, Katrina and I were On-Stage Hosting and thats when it all happened. I LITERALY FELL OFF THE STAGE......

Ya know, Its the kinda thing that you see other people do, And Then all of a sudden, There I go, Nearly 300 pounds of Ronnie Jr fallin into the stage. So yeahhh, I actually didnt "Break A Leg" But I definatly bit the Big One. The Stage that was constructed was basically two stages put together (side by side) However one was rounded off and the other had a flat edge. So basically there was a gap on the stage, It turns out all the kids were told, BE CAREFULL & WATCH YOUR STEP .....Katrina and I however had no clue.

So overall it was a fun night, I probably didnt enjoy myself as much as I wanted, But the kids did Rock Out. I definatly wish them the best with thier trip to Philly for The Second Annual "School of Rock" Competition.

As for my Leg, I'm pretty Banged up and Bruised but I'll live, I guess when your Hosting an Event in Hollywood there is only one way to stand out, FALL OFF THE STAGE.......

Sympathetic Free Patron Shots, Yeahhh Baby

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ronnie Jr - On The Move

Click Here to see Ronnie Jr's Schedule & Pictures - Movin 93.9 fm

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"School of Rock" Benefit Concert

Ohhhhh Friday The 13th. Join me and Katrina Kitsis as we Host Paul Green's "School of Rock" Benefit Concert. It will be held @ Ritual, Hollywood & it's gonna be alot of fun. Great Music, Good Kids, and some Suprise Celebrity Guests. Click Banner for more Info.


Friday, June 6, 2008

The "Rock of Love" Girls - Charming

Wednesday afternoon I had one of the Longest Days Ever!!!!!!!! But it was all good. The Morning Show w/ Movin 93.9 went well, I had a few Commercial Auditions, Ran around LA doing chores, And as I was on my way to Improv Olympic on Hollywood Blvd, I see these CRAZY LOCAS. The freakin Rock of Love Chicks filming a new Season of Charmed School. We all know these shows tend to stretch The Truth, But I must admit, I really thought Heather was pretty cool. Its funny cause when you watch these REALITY Shows, You only see one side, But I was pleasantly suprised. Plus Heather is HOTTTTT

The show they where filming had a Charity Challenge and will be on vh1 in Fall, 2008 !!!!!!

IO West - Comedy Fest - RENO 911

I was LMAO !!!!!!! Finally I could use that term that all the kids seem to be Text Crazy about. Well as I have said before, I am taking Improv Classes at IO. Well this past week there were no classes due to the 6th Annual Comedy Festival. Since I had no class scheduled I thought I would head down to Improv Olympic a few nights this week to see how the Pro's do it.

I went to see The Armando Show on Monday and Wednesday Nights and I gotta say, These fools were Hillarious. Monday night The Cast of Reno 911 were featured in the show. I could not stop laughing, They were truly Improv Masters. Now I know alot of people dont fully understand the complexety and intension of Improv, But when ya see it done right, You walk away speechless.

And as much as I watch TV, I havnt ever really watched Reno 911, But it's worth it. The entire cast was such "In The Momment" and definatly came to perform. Just when I felt that Improv was maybe something I couldnt quite achieve, I see these guys and know that with hard work and alot more classes, Maybe I could have a future in Improv after all......

For more Info visit

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Move w/ Movin 93.9 fm, Los Angeles

6/2/08 - 6/6/08

This week I'll be in Pamona, Bellflower, El Monte, Montebello, & Baldwin Park. Click Here for all the Details: