Saturday, June 21, 2008

Subway.....Eat Fresh !!!!!!

For the past few Months I have really tried to "Eat Fresh." And No I'm not on a Diet or anything....But I really think its time to make some changes. For the longest time I've always had a confident attitude about my 280 pound frame, But now I am realizing that it couldnt hurt to take off some LB's. And really its not about loosing weight, Its about feeling better. Step by Step I've been cutting out all the crap I was use to, Ya know.....Mayonaise, Burgers, Ice Cream, Soda & Beer.

Subway's Fresh Fit menu has definatly set me into gear, I am now making suddle changes like, Having Wheat Bread over White Bread, Mustard over Mayo, Apple Slices over Doritos.....Its kinda tuff, But I'm really starting to feel a little healthier, I gotta thank Mi Amiga Tera Bonilla who has constantly helped and supported me.

Jared Fogel (Subway Guy)

Joel Mchale (Talk Soup)


SafetyPinMyHeart said...

good luck ronnie. your video for subway is awesome. and yea subway is good. gotta love the $5 footlongs you get 2 meals out of that!

keep up the good work <3

Alice said...

I hear ya, about loosing a few lbs to make u feel better, I am right there with u on that. Just keep it up and u will do great. Keep me posted on how that works out for you.

Luv Ya!