Saturday, April 27, 2013

Family, Familia.... #Love

Bro & Sis.... Luv these fools, Cheers, RJ

Friday, April 26, 2013

Late Night Dreams to The Universe

Uhhhh, ya know how they say, Talk To The Universe. Well I certainly do, Hahaha. And as I was making several Youtube and Blog Updates, I figured the Universe would get a kick outta these Photos. Some way and some how, I always end up around Late Night TV, LOL.... Hmm, Carson Daly where ya at

Vintage Ronnie Jr - National TV Debut (2005)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Youtube Channel Updates

Hey Folks, so.... recently I have been fueling myself with some nice creative energies. From my original trip into LA back in Jan, to an Awesome NYC end-of-winter mode, and everything in between, it's real cool to have a platform such a blog, social media etc to express yourself. Ok asaide from all that Thought Freedom mumbo jumbo, shit.. I just felt like editing and actually have lots of archived footage of vids that are just about done. To be honest when I started sorta learning to edit w my buddy Jordan, it wasn't really my thing. But recently I not only have been able to create some incredible projects for hire, but have also been able create web vids that can last as cool ass memories from years to come. Below I would like to attach Three Web Vids. All of which tell a different story, and as I always say, No Glory w/out A Story. Enjoy !!!!

Check Out More : Marcie'elago - Youtube Channel

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Showtime @ The Apollo

From the beginning, everyone basically associates Harlem w Showtime @ The Apollo. And even tho the venue is very much doable and located locally to me, it sometimes take a nice push to get some folks together and enjoy the moment. One of my best buds Katrina Kitsis rounded up a group recently to help celebrate her Birthday, Apollo Style.

Just as you have seen on TV, such a great vibe, such fun energy and so many cool performances. I personally chose to take it easy and have a sober night, however.... the essence of The Apollo can certainly make you feel a bit buzzed. A buzz on this thing called life. I am definitely glad I was able to attend and bring in another Birthday with my long-time amiga, KK