Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In The Heights - Check It Out !!!!


What's up Gente, The Holiday/Travel Season is officially here & while most of us are gonna keep it Los Angeles Local, Others will be jet setting around the Country. If your lucky enough to make your way towards The East Coast, Try sumthin new....Check out a Broadway Show (Say What) Haha I know, I know....But trust me when I tell ya, In The Heights is DOPE !!!!

My Radio Friend, Yesi Ortiz told me about a show called "In The Heights" and I was hooked, She explained how the story was inspired by a (regular) Latino Community in NYC. She caught the show in early Summer 2008 and a few months later when I was takin my Family Vacation, I saw it also....


Yesi Ortiz - Review & More

In The Heights - New York City

Robin De Jesus - Cast / Sonny

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Radio Fun w/ The Listeners, Thank U

What up Gente, So....2008 has pretty much come and gone, But I feel 2009 is definitely lookin good for me, I'm having a Blast with everything I do. Between Radio, Classes, & Auditions things have really began to bubble. And....I have even more surprises planned for The New Year. Below are some "Fun" Pictures from The "Rick Dees" Radio Show. Peace & THOUGHT FREEDOM, RJ

( Awesome - Movin Listeners )

( Crazy - Movin Listeners )

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ray Romano & Cast - Remember Peter Boyle

What up Gente, This past Saturday I was at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre for the 2nd Annual Comedy Celebration - Remembering Peter Boyle of "Everybody Loves Raymond." Entertainment Website, Hollyscoop.com sent me out to The Red Carpet to get the scoop. Check out the Story Below:

It was a night of laughs & tears as Hollywood continues to search for the cure. IMF's Second Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting The Peter Boyle Memorial Fund was held this past Saturday at the Legendary Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The star of the night was the late Peter Lawrence Boyle who died in 2006 from multiple myeloma and heart disease. The Emmy-Award winning actor was known most recently as the cranky and sarcastic Father, Frank Barone on the CBS hit show "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Cast members like Doris Roberts, Patricia Heaton, & Ray Ramano were joined by the likes of, Ted Danson, Kurtwood Smith of That 70's Show, Actor Robert Klein, Television Host Julie Chen & CBS President Les Moonves. The star studded event was the perfect setting to help raise awareness all while celebrating the life of Peter Boyle's amazing 71 years. We caught up with Peter's wife to find out why comedy was brought to the forefront. "Well, tonight we are doing a comedy show cause humor is what kept him going thru all of this." explained an emotional Loraine Boyle. Her comments were slightly echoed by Peter Boyle's TV Wife, Doris Roberts,"Uhhhh, there is no good life without laughter, Now thats better at times than sex."

Patricia Heaton who played Debra on "Everybody Loves Raymond" gave us the 411 on some of her favorite episodes to shoot with the late Peter Boyle, "Gosh there are so many great ones, I love all the Holiday ones, Frank and Marie trying to return Ray's Toaster, Trying to take a Holiday Picture together with his Parents and my Parents. Almost all the really classic ones were the Holiday ones." 

When asked about the legacy he had on Ray Ramano, Ray told us that he was like a father figure from the very beginning, "Peter Boyle was close with everybody, But we sorta bonded in a way that i don't think the the other cast members did. My first year I came from New York and my Family stayed in New York and I was in LA like a fish out of water. And Peter also came from New York and did the same thing. He took me under his wing and made it comfortable for me." Ray added "Peter Boyle was a guy who could have an hour long conversation with each one of us. With Patricia he talked Politics, with Doris he talked Travel and Life, and me Hooters."

And in true comic fashion, Ray spoke about Brad Garrett's recent paparazzi scandal saying, "Brad is an awesome guy, we have texted each other and I asked Brad what's with the hat. The hat was the most disturbing thing about that night." Brad of course was not in attendance but we are sure that he some really great things to say about Peter Boyle's Legacy, What he has to say about the paparazzi, Thats another story. And thats your scoop from Hollyscoop. 

Peter Boyle w/ Everybody Loves Raymond Cast

written by: Ronnie Jr

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Movin 93.9 fm - Movin Crew (Promo Photo)

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Photo By: Joel Marasigan

What up Everybody ..... Here is the newest Promo Photo from the (Movin 93.9 fm) Movin Crew & Promotions Team. These folks are some of the most talented people that I have ever met. The sky is the limit & I truly feel that this TEAM will be the future of Radio, Television, & Entertainment. I got so much Luv for these Rats & Cats. Feel Free to Leave a Comment !!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hollywood Legacy Awards

What's Up Gente, I recently hit the Hollywood Legacy Awards @ The Esquire House in The Hollywood Hills. The full story and more can be found on Hollyscoop.com, The Leading Entertainment & Showbizz Website. Peace & Thought Freedom, Ronnie Jr Media

It was a family affair as "Brothers and Sisters" star, Rob Lowe received The Hollywood Legacy Award along side his Brother, Chad. The Hollywood Entertainment Museum honored the Lowe Brothers with the prestigious family award, which celebrates talented families in the industry as well as those whose standard of artistic excellence is handed down from one generation to the next. The event took place at the Esquire House in the Hollywood Hills where the cast of Heroes also received an award. 

'Heroes' cast members like Hayden Panettiere, Greg Grunberg, Dania Ramirez, Jack Coleman, & James Kyson Lee, all came to share the night with the Lowe Brothers. Talking to Hollyscoop, Rob Lowe said, "One of the great things about getting this Legacy Award is that the past winners like The Fondas & The Bridges, both of whom I know and love, have inspired me for years." 

He also gave us the scoop about his own legacy, "Well hopefully I have a long time to go before I start thinking seriously of that question. With that being said, I think for good work as an actor or producer. For raising a good family and having a normal life despite of all the craziness that comes with being in the business." Both Rob & Chad recently worked together as Chad Lowe directed the most recent episode of the hit show, Brothers and Sisters. And that's the scoop from Hollyscoop! 

written by: Ronnie Jr

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's up w/ The Heroes Cast

What exactly is in-store for the Heroes Cast & NBC Hit Show ??? Entertainment Website, Hollyscoop.com recently sent me to get the Full Scoop. Check out the story below....

Heroes in the Hills, Saturday Night (Nov. 1st, 2008)The Hollywood Entertainment Museum payed homage to The Cast of Heroes as they received the Hollywood Legacy Award at the Esquire House in the Hollywood Hills. Rob & Chad Lowe were also honored, But the question of the night was, who is actually watching Heroes. The topic has come to the forefront as the show numbers continue to slump in its third season. And to add fuel to the fire, executive producers, Jesse Alexander & Jeph Loeb were canned over the weekend.

With all the rumors in the air we wanted to ask the simple question, who is the typical Heroes viewer? "There is none, I have little kids, I have guys, I have women come up to me, and there's really just no pattern." explained Cristine Rose who plays Angela Petrelli on the show. She goes on to tell us where the biggest competition lies, "I saw something yesterday on the internet that said a lot of women over 49 and women under 18 love the show, And somewhere in the middle there watching Dancing with the Stars. But its amazing about the demographics."

(Heroes) Dania Ramirez & Me, Hollywood, Ca

Spicy Latina, Dania Ramirez who plays Maya Herrera on the show explains, "There all different, I have met people as old as fifty something and then of course the comic book fans are the hardcore heart of who our fans are." We didn't realize that fifty something was considered old, you have to wonder what Madonna would think about that statement. Plus we all know that fifty is the new thirty. Dania also tells us that her that her younger sister Denise will be making the move to Los Angeles to become an actress. We could only imagine what antics the Ramirez sisters will bring to the Red Carpets.

But the nights most interesting comment came from Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman on the show, "I once had a guy who asked for a picture for his wife, so I sent him a signed headshot and I wrote call me seriously, as a joke right, So he sent me a picture back of him, naked," With a great sense of humor Greg added, "The typical fan is someone who can appreciate a good story in a comic, they are smart and you have one shot with a smart audience."

And to know surprise, Hayden Panatierre was rushed away before we got to speak with her, However her TV Father spoke protectively on the downside of being young and beautiful in Hollywood. "Its not a secret. The way the publicity game is set up, its completly obsessed with young women and the idea is to basically to destroy them, its predatory and It certainlly could make me react in a verry bad way if I had to put up with what she has to put up with." says Jack Coleman who plays Noah Bennet.

With all the various powers that each cast member has, Maybe one of them could look far enough into the future and see what's in store for NBC & Heroes. And thats the scoop from Hollysccop.

written by: Ronnie Jr

Monday, November 10, 2008

The "Naughty" Cheetah - Adrienne Bailon

Singer/Actress, Adrienne Bailon was exposed today (November 10th, 2008) The Disney Channel Cheetah Girl is the Latest Celeb to pop-up w/ Naked Photos. The full story can be found here: Hollyscoop.com

As for my personal opinion, Ya Know....I think Adrienne is mad cool, And I'm not just saying that cause at the click of the mouse you can see her, Cheetah Girl !!!! Hahaha....To be honest, I think sometimes people actually do make mistakes. From the times I have met her on The Red Carpet, I always thought her vibe and persona was pretty damn cool !!!!

And as for the Topic, "Where will her career go." I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. I keep hearing people (Bloggers) say that this is her attempt to break free from the Disney "Good Girl" Image. And ya know, My first thought is....Remeber the 3LW days, Adrienne Bailon has been a chick that has always had crazy rumors about her, They have said everything under the sun about who and what she was doing. In other words this isn't the first time she's been called a Skank

But in my honest opinion, I think this was simply just a mistake & she accidently goofed up. I know 99 percent of these Young Hollywood Girls are using tabloid scandal to advance their career, But in this case, My true opinion is that she intended these Photos for Rob Kardashian.... ONLY !!!!

Just my gut feeling, I could be wrong though, hahaha....RJ

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the VOTE !!!! 2008

Ronnie Jr & Ronnie Sr 
(Election 2008)
Lomita, California