Thursday, September 22, 2011

Podcast Promo -

Congrats to my friends Ernie & Jesse who are in production on their Third Season of - THE PODCAST. Over Two Years ago, the duo collaborated on a project that was originated as a Labor of Love, flashing forward NOW to 2011, they have added so many emerging elements to the show and the team. Since Day One, I have been a creative collaborator on the project and seeing as the show has really began to grow, I thought it was only fair to edit a wrap-up and video promo that showcases some of their work.  And, you may or may not hear my contributions to this promo, HA, Enjoy !!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cal State LA - Event Moderator

Hello Folks, in Mid-August I was contacted by Journalist/Radio Host, Wendy Carrillo about an event held @ Cal State LA. Carrillo who attended the University in 2005 had explained the need for a Live Host/Moderator in their upcoming Social Media/Health Education Forum. Scheduling proved to be a tad tricky, however, being recommended in high esteem from someone as respected as Wendy Carrillo, I made it my priority to attend. The Event was a complete success and I look forward to working on Projects like this in the near future. Thank You Wendy Carrillo

HPOC Forum “Texting, Facebooking and Tweeting: 
A New Source of Health Education


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jump Jump !!!!

Wow, So.. things have been so jam packed for me as of late and I absolutely love it, now the interesting thing is to find time and unique ways to get to a solid workout, well, this isnt exactly a full fledged workout, BUT.... there are some definite Cardio Benefits to those Kagoo Jumps, Mi Amiga Becky Brensinger explains in the video below, check it

Video Provided By: Fitness Guru Becky Brensinger