Friday, December 28, 2012

EastCoast Winter

Well.... I've grown up on the West Coast, in which my winters have always encountered a SoCal type of vibe. Winter 2012 has been a different experience all together. And although I've never experienced these types of temperatures on such a consistent basis, or even much snow for that matter, I consider myself blessed as I was fortunate to be in a very safe environment during Hurricane Sandy. The Thoughts I am left with is one more of Heroism and a City Coming Together rather than the chaos that is sometimes seen on the news. The Winter season in NYC has not been an easy one considering.... but what we've seen in the streets of New York during and after a devastation such as Sandy will forever be a prideful moment. 

New York, the city that never sleeps and the City that gets Brick Cold

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brooklyn Library Art

Recently, I had ventured to the Brooklyn Library where I located some incredible art work, murals, sculptures, etc. When I seen this particular quote, I instantly decided to post onto my Instagram. I am huge fan of creating and having visions into the future. This quote is simple and pretty powerful, Enjoy !!!!

"The World For Man, With All It May Contain, Is Only What Is Compassed By The MIND"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anduze Music @ The FLATIRON /

A few years back while in Los Angeles, during the early stages of Online Broadcasting my good friend Katrina Kitsis & I worked on a few programs in which we conducted interviews and produced Live Performances on a few different internet outlets. Ranging from MusicPlusTV to Vlaze to TheStream, enjoying time w Musicians, Actors, and Creative Types became a weekly bonding experience for the two of us. Now, both living in different parts of NYC, we jumped at the opportunity to connect with an old friend and guest from our Internet Show back in 2007. ANDUZE was celebrating his Birthday and Performing inside the FlatIron Hotel.

To Support Anduze please check out the links posted above and for a trip down memory lane, check out some footage courtesy of TheStream.

TheStream - "Falling" by Anduze | Youtube Link

TheStream - "Loved You Tonight" by John West 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Laughs in The L.E.S. (Pianos)

So, as you know I am now and will always be obsessed w the TV Show, How To Make It In America. Personally, I am not one that likes to go out and party, attend events and network YES, Party not as much, however my Born Day celebration seemed fitting to take place at a Random Bar on the Lower East Side. Although I am still pushing to achieve my Ben Epstein & Cam Calderon, HowToMakeIt moments, this was certainly an enjoyable night. "Meet me at Paianos."

L.E.S. by Childish Gambino

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hit The Floor - The NYC Dream

My dreams to live in NYC and work to build a life in The City That Never Sleeps has been a tough one. Over the years, I've heard several friends also decide that they wanted to make the east coast leap, but wanted to be more financially stable before the jump. I totally agree.... however, sometimes you gotta take the Risk if you want the Reward. With that said, it makes me so so so proud to have gotten here (Harlem) and start from the ground up, or should I say The Floor Up. Wherever I go on my journey and whatever happens next, I will always be proud to know that sleeping on the floor in search of my dreams was something I did with a huge smile on my face. From Dog Bites to The Good Life.... Lets get Random !!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Feel Healthy,

Feeling Healthy and Feeling Inspired are things that each of us yearn for and/or struggle with. In the mid 2000's, primarily 05' & 06' acquiring the proper motivation to Feel Rich was something that seemed like a long shot. Working in Vegas Radio and working to achieve other career goals left me in a state of mind that pushed healthy eating and healthy living to the bottom of the list. At one point, my 315 pound persona fit in perfectly w the lovable On-Air Radio Personality, however.. it didn't fit in well with my personal well being.

Now, looking into the future and understanding the value in a healthy Mind, Body, and Soul.. I was very appreciative to sit down w Marcy Guevara of and explain this ever growing weight loss journey. Click Here to View The Article

Additional Video : Weight Loss Segment

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sing Sing Sing - Karaoke

OK.... So remember my LA to NY Karaoke gathering last month, uhhhh, well the video footage has been collected and these moments definitely make me smile. I am so blessed that my buddies Spicy Mari and Thomas cooked up such a fun night with such short notice. #GoodTimes - Each of the individual performances are listed on my Youtube Channel, but this video in particular is a culmination of the nights events. In my opinion it is LOL Funny, Enjoy & Share the Video !!!!

Additional Performances @

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Thinking Bout" You - Change / Equality

The Song, "Thinking Bout You" has certainly been an instant classic in my mind. I originally caught wind of the song earlier in the year when searching for Miguel covers on Youtube. I randomly came across the Luis Figueroa version and was drawn to the sonic nature of the song within minutes.

Recently, Frank Ocean's Sweet Life has seen a sudden interest as his personal life has taken center stage within several media outlets. While Frank never confessed to anything in particular, he explained that he indeed has shared a special love with a man. While some see this as being a big deal, its nice to see our generation embrace the word LOVE rather than a definition on ones sexuality. Frank seems to have a big career emerging with lots of TV Appearances & New Music in the works. I've always enjoyed his music and am just as interested in hearing his story as ever before. I feel that music and art is a story, sometimes.. there is No Glory w/out A Story

The story of Change / Equality is an important one, however in this case.. Music Speaks Louder Than Words. Now, I am NOT usually someone who tends to blog too much about News or Media stories, but this Frank Ocean internet buzz was something I wanted utilize as a moment to express myself and my personal viewpoints.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th - Independence Day

WELL, for No Rhyme or Reason, today is July 4th and I am moving to NYC. I've grown up mostly in Southern California and am looking for some Real Life Experiences. July 3rd marked an incredible gathering of friends and family @ Dimples Karaoke in Burbank Ca. What lies ahead for the next facet of life, who knows ????

- LA to NY Karaoke Night -

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Presenting -

If you've followed this blog, you know that All Things Media run deep into my soul. Whether it's collaborating w Starr Session and her emerging website, or my time working w then "San Diego" Radio Personality, VanyaOnline, I've always had a big urge to help build and cultivate media talent. Along w Jesse F. Daniels we have recently wrapped up our latest collaborative endeavor,, a multi media platform that showcases the Spicy Side of Maricela Ferguson. Check out the Video Below for More Information /

Monday, June 18, 2012

HBO "Girls" - Honest Television

Television in the past has become such a medium that offers a great cinematic escape outside of our real lives and into the lives of unique characters and/or "over the top" reality stars. And while there will always be dynamic programs that test the limits of what is or isn't real, I definitely have appreciated the recent growth in Television Programs that showcase the REALNESS of life and the journey. My personal favorite, of course was "How To Make It In America" and was certainly moved by Showtimes, "SHAMELESS," but really learned a lot about myself when viewing the series GIRLS

Viewing a show in which writer, Lena Dunham gave the characters gravity and depth to their stories really drew me in, and the fact that I watched the show in The AfterBuzz studio w some of my closest friends was one of those great unexpected moments. Seeing this groundbreaking show w Kellie Olisky, Thomas Piland, Miriam Gonzalez, and the Great, Spicy Mariecela Ferguson made for some awesome conversation and outlook on life. Attached are some great photos and video clips that make up the experience of HBO's "Girls" and the great time I had being apart of the After Show. Cheers, RJ

ITunes Link : Click Picture Below

Monday, April 2, 2012

We Are Team MENOUGH ??

Working in the New Media world and in such a great opportunity such as Maria Menounos inspired AfterBuzzTV, all of us around the office/studio wanted to showcase our support for MM on this season of ABC's "Dancing w The Stars." Since my involvement at AfterBuzz varies from Hosting to Engineering and/or Producing, I decided that it would be a great idea to have each of us let the world know that we are voting for Team Menough. Yay Maria !!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"For Better or Worse" After Show

As we know, Tyler Perry has dominated the marketplace with his variety of Movies, TV Shows, & More. Over the Holiday Season, myself along w/ my partner-in-crime, Maricela Ferguson-Soto had the opportunity to recap Tyler's Newest Project, "For Better or Worse." We were joined by 5 of 6 Cast Members to help break down the show/set/casting, etc etc. Huge thanks to our friend, Jason Olive who was responsible for connecting us with some of the great people over at Tyler Perry Studios & TBS. We hope you enjoy this recap from some of our shenanigans @ the AfterBuzz Studio. Enjoy !!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012 - Podcast Interview

Over The Holiday Season, My Friend/Entrepreneur, Kimlai Yingling was making the rounds promotionally to help launch her New&Revised Website, The "Foodie" website has rolled out several new features including an EA Store, Recipes, Reviews, & Videos. Your definitely going to want to check out some of the great content that has been added to the site. Click The Link below to listen to Kimlai Yingling being interviewed on the Podcast. Enjoy !!!!

Podcast Promo - Kimlai Yingling : CLICK HERE