Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meet The Musician : Elle Varner in SoHo

When I first moved to New York it was simply one of those decisions in which "I KNEW" the exact direction/stage for my life. Sometimes you can't explain it, & especially in the search for The Dream, the location and elements that embody your home-base are certainly attributes that make you the person that you are and/or the person that you are becoming.

I had an instant attraction to the story of R&B songstress ELLE VARNER for a number of reason. Not only was she also a West Coast import into The East, But.... she also was someone who developed and cultivated her career here in The City. From her NYU Schooling to Random Discovery in the Coat-Check, I was quickly drawn to this Upcoming Artist!! Recently The Apple Store (SoHo) created a Meet The Musician Showcase that gave the fans even more of EV. Times in NYC get crazy, sure.... But NOT TONIGHT -

 iTunes - Meet The Musician : Elle Varner (CLICK HERE)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life Coach - Shereen Faltas

LIFE COACH - Welcome Video (Awaken The Rebel)

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Certified Life Coach & Former Comedian, SHEREEN FALTAS began a collaborative work venture w Ronnie Jr in minutes. Meeting at a Media Platform in Los Angeles the two quickly bonded over the urges to "Think Outside The Box." RJ & Faltas have worked on a number of projects and are focused on helping people understand that "EVERY PERSON" is entitled to have the life they want to live. Please continue to support the amazing, @ShereenFaltas & as always.... Awaken The Rebel

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is an undefined self expression that allows the mind to live free of restrictions. To envision a vision & embrace the grace while emerging limitless into our journeys of life. The Freedom to walk outside the box which was drawn to confine creativity while embracing the escape that fosters ones true INDIVIDUALITY!!!!
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The Website (Food Blog) was Created / Founded by Television Host & Entrepreneur, Kimlai Yingling. In a collaborative venture, The "RONNIE JR Media" Brand has mixed into the Enterprise as Contributor & Restaurant Reviewer in New York City & Los Angeles. This particular section of RRJ will be dedicated to promoting the contributions to ENJOY !!!!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Connecting w 2013, Hillsong Service

Sitting at the Top of 2013, we now have visions of a Fresh Start. When I was leaving LA originally, my Fitness Trainer, Fallon Mercedes had explained to me the importance of connecting into a spiritual place. Living away from your friends and family can certainly be a great experience but without the right connection, the challenges might not be too far away. Luckily, I was able to connect w Hillsong NYC a referral from Oasis Church back home. Hillsong conducts service both at Gramercy Theater & Irving Plaza, check out the website for more info, AND.. a song that always re-connects me whenever I have any doubts, Enjoy !!!! (Cornerstone) Youtube Page