Monday, June 18, 2012

HBO "Girls" - Honest Television

Television in the past has become such a medium that offers a great cinematic escape outside of our real lives and into the lives of unique characters and/or "over the top" reality stars. And while there will always be dynamic programs that test the limits of what is or isn't real, I definitely have appreciated the recent growth in Television Programs that showcase the REALNESS of life and the journey. My personal favorite, of course was "How To Make It In America" and was certainly moved by Showtimes, "SHAMELESS," but really learned a lot about myself when viewing the series GIRLS

Viewing a show in which writer, Lena Dunham gave the characters gravity and depth to their stories really drew me in, and the fact that I watched the show in The AfterBuzz studio w some of my closest friends was one of those great unexpected moments. Seeing this groundbreaking show w Kellie Olisky, Thomas Piland, Miriam Gonzalez, and the Great, Spicy Mariecela Ferguson made for some awesome conversation and outlook on life. Attached are some great photos and video clips that make up the experience of HBO's "Girls" and the great time I had being apart of the After Show. Cheers, RJ

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