Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Soundtrack - Video Blog

It was Spring 2001, a Fresh-Faced Intern was arriving @ The Fox Sports Lot on Pico Blvd. The initial stages of a young man's dream, & creative journey for years to come. Overall, Media/Broadcasting ventures have been in the forefront, however the ENERGIES and Self Expressions that NEW YORK CITY embodies, has given a larger spectrum of imagination.

The LA to NY Video Blog was a Passion Project that granted reflection into the Moments of Change/Growth/&Experience. The Music Selection was an integral element of the story. Special Thanks to all of the Musician/Producers/Artists that have been featured on the project.

A list of Music Cues can be found below as well as a Video Expression to "Runnin4AReason" which was the lead song for the LA to NY Experience. R4AR was Co-Written by Mark E. Alan & Randomly Ronnie Jr. R4AR - Performed By: Mark E. Alan. click read more to view Music Selection

Runnin4AReason : Co-Written By
Mark E. Alan & Randomly Ronnie Jr

Randomly Ronnie Jr : Video Blog CLICK HERE
"Peace & Thought Freedom" - Randomly Ronnie Jr

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tiffany - Never Met A "Halloween" Jerk

TIFFANY IN TOWN.... whoa!!!! lol, My dear friend and creative performer Tiffany Phillips made a recent NYC appearance. The Halloween festivities and stories of Tiff's Fallen Jerks, had me doing quite the Song & Dance @ My Own Therapy Session. But more on that later, JK. Tiff's One Woman Show made an appropriate East Coast Halloween Engagement. Phillips actually attended AMDA & was an East Harlem resident for years, so.... a homecoming of sorts via United Solo Theater and her crowd interactive show,
THNX Chiiiile, not to be confused w CHILD (Tiffany Voice)
Mama Evelyn & Tiffany @ Red Rooster, Halloween
Juvenile said it best, "She Get It From Her Mama"

"Never Met A Jerk" Blog Post @

Saturday, November 9, 2013

How To "ENTREPRENEUR" in America

As we all focus to seek the tips & tricks to "Make It In America," The Guide to Entrepreneurship is much more attainable than you'd think. My Life Purpose Expert (Life Coach) has recently collaborated w myself & her marketing team to give us the proper tools for any Aspiring Entrepreneur

6 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur