Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers - Press Conference

This past Monday Afternoon, HOLLYSCOOP sent me to the official Jonas Brothers - Press Conference @ Million Air in Burbank California. The Trio gave us the scoop on their New Movie & Future Plans with The Entertainment Industry. 
Peace & Thought Freedom, RJ

Jonas Brothers arrive in Burbank, Ca
Press Conference
Press Conference
Press Conference

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Radio Fun & Charity Event - BLOG !!!!

Ya.... The LA Rain was nice, But I really do enjoy the Southern California "Perfect Weather" that I've been accustomed to. Today its a bit GLOOMY but its a perfect time to hang with the family [ Lomita / 310 ] and Start Blogging. I had a pretty cool Friday, In fact the week itself was really GREAT. Things have been picking up which is such a great thing for this economy, Anyhow.... Here is a look into My Friday. I had tons of fun all day long and it started off with a warm reception of Movin 93.9   Listeners who were amazing (Thanks Maria/ Tamales) The day stayed hectic running all over LA where I eventually ended up at the Paramount Studios Lot for an event to support Unicef. The Press Line was jam packed but I did get to speak briefly with Desperate Housewives Star, Eva Longoria about being a Pasitive Latina Role Model. Special Thanks to HOLLYSCOOP for sending me out there for a fun Pre-Oscar Event. I was pretty busy all day starting at 5am, But I'm blessed, Thanks for getting Random with Ronnie Jr - PEACE & THOUGHT FREEDOM !!!!


Movin 93.9 / Rick Dees Listener, Maria
Movin 93.9 / Rick Dees Listener, Sam

| Montblanc Charity Event / Supporting Unicef |

( Story Posted Below )

Press Line w/ Reporter Friend Joslyn Davis
Red Carpet @ Paramount Lot
The Calm after The Storm

( Hollyscoop Story) The Montblanc "Signature for Good" Charity Gala was held in Hollywood on Friday Night and the stars were looking amazing. With just a few days away from the 2009 Academy Awards, it made for an impressive upscale Hollywood Event that gave support to Unicef's Education Programs. The party was held at the Paramount Studios Lot with Celebrity attendees like, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Emily Blunt, Mira Sorvino, Mila Jovovich, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Sienna Miller, Lucy Liu, Helen Hunt, Deeta Von Teese, Rosana Arquette, Andie Macdowell, & Director Oliver Stone

Although Oscar Buzz was in the air, The stars spoke to us about the serious issues and importance of the event, ""I think Unicef does wonderful work. For me its really important that all women and all countries get an education." said Actress Andie Macdowell. Desperate Housewives Star, Eva Longoria also spoke on the issues and let us know what she is doing to give back to her own community, "I always find a big responsibility to give back to my community and my work with Padres Contra El Cancer & Eva's Heroes, I think that everybody that has a voice should be lending it to those that don't have one."

The continuous positivity & energy filled the Huge Red Carpet while some stars also took and minute to tell Hollyscoop what they think about this years Oscars. Mira Sorvino explained what importance it is for an actor to receive an Oscar, "Its like a kiss on the head from the heavens, ya know." Actress, Rosanna Arqutte let us in on some of her personal favorites, "Its a really tough year I have a lot of friends in there, I do love love Kate Winslet and I loved Mellisa Leo's performance, I thought she was incredible. Slumdog Millionaire I love love love love, Its a good year."

It was a perfect Hollywood Night leading up to Oscar 2009. Make sure you stay with us for the Academy Award Coverage that you & your friends will be talking about. From the Parties, Controversies, and The Actual Award Show, We have it all in Hollywood. And thats the scoop from Hollyscoop !!!! written by: Ronnie Jr Media /

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melanie Fiona @ The Roxy

The Roxy was jammin Last Night as Melanie Fiona rocked the Stage. The Toronto Native has a great sound and I definitely enjoyed getting a sneak peak into her showcase. Radio Friend, Vanya Joseph of San Diego's Blazin 98.9 fm hit me up and let me know she'd be in town for the show, After hearing all the buzz about Melanie I thought it would be a great night to check out the Ground-Breaking New Artist. Her style is crossing all over the place, She has OLD SKOOL Influences and that modern confidence that attracts you instantly. To be honest with you, We were sitting in a little VIP area that I ended up leaving cause I wanted to be "In The Moment." Being right next to the stage watching her kill this Intimate show was a great Wednesday Night Treat. When the show ended Artie Gentile of Universal took us backstage for a little meet & greet. I was loving the History that emerged from the walls of The Roxy as Vanya grabbed a quick interview with the nights star. The night was all cool & It was all chill.... I really hope you enjoy her music, Now I would say that she can be compared with three Major Female Entertainers, But I'll let you listen for yourself to see what's up.... Thought Freedom

Michael Steele & Vanya / Blazin 98.9 fm
Christina, Vanya, & Sherita / Hot 97.5 Las Vegas
Sherita - Program Director / KVEG Hot 97.5
The Halls of The Roxy
Great Music, Different Music
The Bridge - CD Sampler

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Field Report for

The Voice of Teachers, Parents, & Supporters

Monday, February 16, 2009

D. Woods (Danity Kane) Interview / NAACP Event

Reality TV continues to dominate our Televisions Screens with its Drama & Vulnerability. So what's the next step after you've been suddenly dismissed from the situation??? Sure the ratings for MTV's Making The Band are in good standings, But where does an artist like D. Woods fit into the equation. Entertainment Website, sent me to cover an NAACP Event where I went one on one with D. Woods about her wild ride w/ Diddy & Danity Kane. Quotes & Pictures Posted Below:

Ronnie Jr: You have so many fans that wanted to see Danity Kane back together, Is that how you feel also, How does looking back at the experience make you feel now?

D. Woods: "I feel like everything happens for a reason, it came to an end when it needed to. There was alot of outstanding issues and obviously that was the only way it could be resolved. And I know that I did my very best in the situation. I added to the group in the way that, I knew how to be a group member. I provided us with choreographers, with management, song writing, and everything that I could. But if if your services are not being appreciated you gotta take it elsewhere." 

Ronnie Jr: From a viewers standpoint, It seemed like you were really seizing the opportunity, Maybe some of the other members were on a different page, Is that what happened?

D. Woods: "I think everyone works differently, But I think that if you could just respect everyone's work ethic, Which ya know everyone has different work ethics, And I think thats the reason why me and Aubrey gravitated to each other. Because we have very magnectic personalities and sometimes that can rub people the wrong way."

Ronnie Jr: So its safe to say that you and Aubrey still connect and talk business?

D. Woods: "Yeah actually I am gonna hook up with her later cause its her Birthday."

Ronnie Jr: She is doing a Playboy thing at Apple Lounge right?

D. Woods: "Yes Yes, Come on you should come, Haha."

Ronnie Jr: Ok Lets talk Diddy, On the show he has stated that you sorta caught the wrath of Aubrey, Does that mean that maybe you could still have a soft spot for him?

D. Woods: "I definitely always want to keep it respectful, He has done a lot in this industry. You never wanna burn bridges that what I was taught. But after him lecturing us about making decisions based on emotion, he went in and made an emotional decision. I don't think it was that, I feel like he had very clear reasons why he came in that room and decided to terminate those that he did." 

Ronnie Jr: Are you at the point where you are more focusing on you, Or if the Phone rang from Diddy would you consider going back into that situation?

D. Woods: "I think, Because when the episode aired it had actually happened two months ahead of that, So I'm one who is very flexible and I'm like ok if thats not the plan anymore, Keep it movin and stay motivated, stay positive. Congratulate people with what they are doing, And maybe we will cross paths again maybe we wont."

Ronnie Jr: The NAACP event was tonight and President Obama is in office, What are your emotions right now?

D. Woods: "I feel like all the kids at school who are doing their Black History Reports have so much to write about this month, I am kinda lost for words. This is the whole idea behind the NAACP, The Advancement of People of Color."

Ronnie Jr: Jennifer Hudson, Like yourself is a young strong performer, How do you think she is facing life considering her recent loses?

D. Woods: "She is really really blessed, She enormously talented and sometime when your that talented you are a gifted person, Not to get to spiritual but sometimes you are a chosen child of god and I commend her for staying on a path and blowing us out the water every time she performs, I love when she performs." 

(Note) D. Woods is also focusing on her Acting Career and will be releasing a Mix Tape soon, Returning to a more grassroots approach

She can be found on Myspace &


D. Woods - Singer / Actress
Actress - Keisha Knight Pulliam
Reality Star - Omarosa
NAACP Event - Beverly Hilton Hotel
More Entertainment News @

Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Carpet Premiere - Friday The 13th

So, Friday The 13th & Valentines Day all on the same weekend, Well thats definitely a range in emotions, Anyhow as Friday The 13th hits us on a cold & stormy night, The classic Horror Film has been recreated once again. Now is it the same Movie or bits and pieces from all the others. recently sent me to cover the Red Carpet Premiere @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre to find out. Have a scary & sexy Friday the 13th/Valentines Day Weekend

Movie / Friday The 13th - Website (New Line Cinema & Paramount)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Winter Day in Southern Cali

The Simple Things in Life.... Enjoy !!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lil Wayne Grammy Party

This past weekend The Grammy Awards hit Los Angeles, Which was awesome.... But unfortunately the recent Chris Brown & Rihanna scandal has overshadowed everything else. I think the entire situation is difficult and hope for the well being of both parties involved. With that said, I wanted to share with you my experiences at the Lil Wayne Event that I was covering for over the weekend. Story Posted Below:

With eight Grammy Nominations you could just imagine the buzz that surrounded Lil Wayne's, Pre-Grammy Cash Money Records Party. The New Orleans born powerhouse celebrated his ground breaking success at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday Night. Celebrity friends like, Akon, Flavor Flav, Paris Hilton, Joel Madden, Timbaland, Tila Tiquila, & Reggie Bush attended the nights New Orleans Themed Party. 

Lil Wayne who broke out in the Music Industry during the late 90's has truly embraced the fruits of his labor. Although his success hasn't been an overnight story, Most people are excited to see someone who is so unconventional dominate the Grammy Awards. "He is really breaking the barriers, I think what he is doing is really awesome, Like he is changing the way things work, just like I am." said Reality TV Star, Tila Tiquila. 

The Pre-Grammy, Cash Money Records Event was jammed packed with partygoers and industry professionals, And although Lil Wayne wasn't doing any press, Hollyscoop talked with Red Carpet Icon, Paris Hilton about the man of the night, "Yeah Lil Wayne is amazing, He is such a talent and incredible." 

For More Info on this & other stories, Log on to

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammy Madness -

The Grammy Awards is always such a great time for Music and Entertainment. And in a time where the Economy struggles to keep everything on the up & up, I really enjoy the creativity of Music during this time. My good friends at the DNA Group kept me busy with some great Red Carpet Coverage for (Online Entertainment Site) Make sure you stay connected with the website for your Full Grammy Recap. Thanks Diana !!!!

Below are just some of the Pictures from this Past Weekend

Marianela - TV Host / Cash Money Party
Recording Artist - STIX
Tila Tiquila - Reality TV Star
Interview for
Paris Hilton - Grammy Weekend
Interview for
Dawn Richards of Danity Kane / MTB
Jeremy Jackson - Actor / Reality Show
T. Lopez (Cash Money)
Tila Tiquila @ Paramount Studios Event
Tony Kanal @ Paramount Studios Event
Colby O' Donis @ Paramount Studios Event
Makayla Gordon - American Idol

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To The Top / Thought Freedom

In life we go thru so many challenges, And sometimes....I start to actually keep my ears open to what road blocks my friends & family are facing. Obviously I cant make miracles happen, But I know that listening sometimes lends the best form of assistance. With all this craziness in my head, I felt like today was a great afternoon to just step out and Breathe that great LA air, LOL

But Really Though, Realizing that the Southern Cali weather was blooming, My friend CJ & I thought we'd hit up Runyon Canyon for a awesome Wednesday Afternnon Hike. In the end.... I got a great workout To The Top, And sat back with a new sense of Peace & "Thought Freedom."