Saturday, February 21, 2009

Radio Fun & Charity Event - BLOG !!!!

Ya.... The LA Rain was nice, But I really do enjoy the Southern California "Perfect Weather" that I've been accustomed to. Today its a bit GLOOMY but its a perfect time to hang with the family [ Lomita / 310 ] and Start Blogging. I had a pretty cool Friday, In fact the week itself was really GREAT. Things have been picking up which is such a great thing for this economy, Anyhow.... Here is a look into My Friday. I had tons of fun all day long and it started off with a warm reception of Movin 93.9   Listeners who were amazing (Thanks Maria/ Tamales) The day stayed hectic running all over LA where I eventually ended up at the Paramount Studios Lot for an event to support Unicef. The Press Line was jam packed but I did get to speak briefly with Desperate Housewives Star, Eva Longoria about being a Pasitive Latina Role Model. Special Thanks to HOLLYSCOOP for sending me out there for a fun Pre-Oscar Event. I was pretty busy all day starting at 5am, But I'm blessed, Thanks for getting Random with Ronnie Jr - PEACE & THOUGHT FREEDOM !!!!


Movin 93.9 / Rick Dees Listener, Maria
Movin 93.9 / Rick Dees Listener, Sam

| Montblanc Charity Event / Supporting Unicef |

( Story Posted Below )

Press Line w/ Reporter Friend Joslyn Davis
Red Carpet @ Paramount Lot
The Calm after The Storm

( Hollyscoop Story) The Montblanc "Signature for Good" Charity Gala was held in Hollywood on Friday Night and the stars were looking amazing. With just a few days away from the 2009 Academy Awards, it made for an impressive upscale Hollywood Event that gave support to Unicef's Education Programs. The party was held at the Paramount Studios Lot with Celebrity attendees like, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Emily Blunt, Mira Sorvino, Mila Jovovich, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Sienna Miller, Lucy Liu, Helen Hunt, Deeta Von Teese, Rosana Arquette, Andie Macdowell, & Director Oliver Stone

Although Oscar Buzz was in the air, The stars spoke to us about the serious issues and importance of the event, ""I think Unicef does wonderful work. For me its really important that all women and all countries get an education." said Actress Andie Macdowell. Desperate Housewives Star, Eva Longoria also spoke on the issues and let us know what she is doing to give back to her own community, "I always find a big responsibility to give back to my community and my work with Padres Contra El Cancer & Eva's Heroes, I think that everybody that has a voice should be lending it to those that don't have one."

The continuous positivity & energy filled the Huge Red Carpet while some stars also took and minute to tell Hollyscoop what they think about this years Oscars. Mira Sorvino explained what importance it is for an actor to receive an Oscar, "Its like a kiss on the head from the heavens, ya know." Actress, Rosanna Arqutte let us in on some of her personal favorites, "Its a really tough year I have a lot of friends in there, I do love love Kate Winslet and I loved Mellisa Leo's performance, I thought she was incredible. Slumdog Millionaire I love love love love, Its a good year."

It was a perfect Hollywood Night leading up to Oscar 2009. Make sure you stay with us for the Academy Award Coverage that you & your friends will be talking about. From the Parties, Controversies, and The Actual Award Show, We have it all in Hollywood. And thats the scoop from Hollyscoop !!!! written by: Ronnie Jr Media /


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