Monday, November 11, 2013

Tiffany - Never Met A "Halloween" Jerk

TIFFANY IN TOWN.... whoa!!!! lol, My dear friend and creative performer Tiffany Phillips made a recent NYC appearance. The Halloween festivities and stories of Tiff's Fallen Jerks, had me doing quite the Song & Dance @ My Own Therapy Session. But more on that later, JK. Tiff's One Woman Show made an appropriate East Coast Halloween Engagement. Phillips actually attended AMDA & was an East Harlem resident for years, so.... a homecoming of sorts via United Solo Theater and her crowd interactive show,
THNX Chiiiile, not to be confused w CHILD (Tiffany Voice)
Mama Evelyn & Tiffany @ Red Rooster, Halloween
Juvenile said it best, "She Get It From Her Mama"

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