Monday, August 20, 2012

Feel Healthy,

Feeling Healthy and Feeling Inspired are things that each of us yearn for and/or struggle with. In the mid 2000's, primarily 05' & 06' acquiring the proper motivation to Feel Rich was something that seemed like a long shot. Working in Vegas Radio and working to achieve other career goals left me in a state of mind that pushed healthy eating and healthy living to the bottom of the list. At one point, my 315 pound persona fit in perfectly w the lovable On-Air Radio Personality, however.. it didn't fit in well with my personal well being.

Now, looking into the future and understanding the value in a healthy Mind, Body, and Soul.. I was very appreciative to sit down w Marcy Guevara of and explain this ever growing weight loss journey. Click Here to View The Article

Additional Video : Weight Loss Segment

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