Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Thinking Bout" You - Change / Equality

The Song, "Thinking Bout You" has certainly been an instant classic in my mind. I originally caught wind of the song earlier in the year when searching for Miguel covers on Youtube. I randomly came across the Luis Figueroa version and was drawn to the sonic nature of the song within minutes.

Recently, Frank Ocean's Sweet Life has seen a sudden interest as his personal life has taken center stage within several media outlets. While Frank never confessed to anything in particular, he explained that he indeed has shared a special love with a man. While some see this as being a big deal, its nice to see our generation embrace the word LOVE rather than a definition on ones sexuality. Frank seems to have a big career emerging with lots of TV Appearances & New Music in the works. I've always enjoyed his music and am just as interested in hearing his story as ever before. I feel that music and art is a story, sometimes.. there is No Glory w/out A Story

The story of Change / Equality is an important one, however in this case.. Music Speaks Louder Than Words. Now, I am NOT usually someone who tends to blog too much about News or Media stories, but this Frank Ocean internet buzz was something I wanted utilize as a moment to express myself and my personal viewpoints.

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