Monday, November 10, 2008

The "Naughty" Cheetah - Adrienne Bailon

Singer/Actress, Adrienne Bailon was exposed today (November 10th, 2008) The Disney Channel Cheetah Girl is the Latest Celeb to pop-up w/ Naked Photos. The full story can be found here:

As for my personal opinion, Ya Know....I think Adrienne is mad cool, And I'm not just saying that cause at the click of the mouse you can see her, Cheetah Girl !!!! Hahaha....To be honest, I think sometimes people actually do make mistakes. From the times I have met her on The Red Carpet, I always thought her vibe and persona was pretty damn cool !!!!

And as for the Topic, "Where will her career go." I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. I keep hearing people (Bloggers) say that this is her attempt to break free from the Disney "Good Girl" Image. And ya know, My first thought is....Remeber the 3LW days, Adrienne Bailon has been a chick that has always had crazy rumors about her, They have said everything under the sun about who and what she was doing. In other words this isn't the first time she's been called a Skank

But in my honest opinion, I think this was simply just a mistake & she accidently goofed up. I know 99 percent of these Young Hollywood Girls are using tabloid scandal to advance their career, But in this case, My true opinion is that she intended these Photos for Rob Kardashian.... ONLY !!!!

Just my gut feeling, I could be wrong though, hahaha....RJ


Alice said...

WOW!!! Shes beautiful. I do believe that it was a mistake. It happens to everyone, wether they are famous or not. Great picture.

Ronnie Jr Media said...

Yeahhhh I realize that 99 percent of these Young Hollywood (Skanks) do this for Publicity. But there is something about Adrienne Bailon that tells me otherwise. Call me crazy, But I got her back on this one, Hahaha.

And a nice BACKSIDE it is...LOL

SafetyPinMyHeart said...

i tried to post this from my sidekick but, stupid thing won't let me. grr

but, anyway... i agree with you. the pictures were meant for her bf and no one else. i think celebs should also be more aware of what the send through the internet and stop recording their sex sessions.