Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In The Heights - Check It Out !!!!


What's up Gente, The Holiday/Travel Season is officially here & while most of us are gonna keep it Los Angeles Local, Others will be jet setting around the Country. If your lucky enough to make your way towards The East Coast, Try sumthin new....Check out a Broadway Show (Say What) Haha I know, I know....But trust me when I tell ya, In The Heights is DOPE !!!!

My Radio Friend, Yesi Ortiz told me about a show called "In The Heights" and I was hooked, She explained how the story was inspired by a (regular) Latino Community in NYC. She caught the show in early Summer 2008 and a few months later when I was takin my Family Vacation, I saw it also....


Yesi Ortiz - Review & More

In The Heights - New York City

Robin De Jesus - Cast / Sonny


Anonymous said...

I heard it was a great play. It must of been something!!!

SafetyPinMyHeart said...

that play looks so good. i'm dying to see that!