Friday, June 6, 2008

The "Rock of Love" Girls - Charming

Wednesday afternoon I had one of the Longest Days Ever!!!!!!!! But it was all good. The Morning Show w/ Movin 93.9 went well, I had a few Commercial Auditions, Ran around LA doing chores, And as I was on my way to Improv Olympic on Hollywood Blvd, I see these CRAZY LOCAS. The freakin Rock of Love Chicks filming a new Season of Charmed School. We all know these shows tend to stretch The Truth, But I must admit, I really thought Heather was pretty cool. Its funny cause when you watch these REALITY Shows, You only see one side, But I was pleasantly suprised. Plus Heather is HOTTTTT

The show they where filming had a Charity Challenge and will be on vh1 in Fall, 2008 !!!!!!


Alice said...

LOL....That is so cool! She is beautiful. AHHH one day I will look like that....LOL

SafetyPinMyHeart said...

i loved rock of love season 1. i would totally sign up for rock of love but, only if it was dave nivaro. mmmmm!! haha

i can totally see you on a reality show!

luv ya papi!