Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wedding Singer, I mean Wedding HOST, LOL

Over the years, Media & TV has acted as the number one driving force of who I am as a person. However, when I moved to NYC as much as those goals sit on the top of the list, making and building a life for myself definitely takes the priority. It was pretty shocking and very appreciative when I was asked to Host Jamal & Angel's Wedding @ an Art Gallery in Chelsea.

I originally met the couple while working as a Doorman for their building. It's funny how random conversations and what you put in the universe can truly dictate the story of your life. I never knew that waking up one morning to work as a Concierge/Doorman could lead to an incredibly inspiring experience.

I hosted and attended the Wedding Reception w two of my closest NYC buddies, Veronica & Will in which we all had a wonderful time. My big take away was the Re-Emerging satisfaction I had in my skills as Host, Entertainer, etc etc. The Couple had been extremely sweet to me and also taught me a thing or two about life. As I said, it's pretty interesting where life could lead you when you allow it to. Those words are words that even I struggle with on occasion. Nevertheless I was honored to have been asked to Host and collaborate with the Beautiful Couple.

Wedding Song - Nina Simone "To Love Somebody"

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