Friday, February 22, 2013

Singing In The Streets - NYC

My California Trip was Nice, Warm, and Sweet, but there is nothing like the Creative Energies that embody the streets of New York. The Weather is still pretty awful which is limiting, BUT.... that's allowing for some great time to work artistically. Yes, I still work as many gigs as I possibly can to "Make It Happen" but, I also have arched in some time to go thru footage and edit together some interesting Web Videos.

Back in November, around the week of Thanksgiving, my buddy Mike & I had made plans to meet in the Subway Station, Keyboard in hand and basically, GO FOR IT. Mike has done an impressive job thus far and I was happy to witness aka Flip Cam what I had seen, below is the video of Marvelous Mike singing, "You Wanted A Man" Live in Washington Sq Park.

Check Out More : MichaelMichaelB - Youtube Channel

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