Monday, October 14, 2013

The Treat to HAPPY FEATS

Back in Winter 2012, the amazing CJ & Jenn came to visit the City of New York, and while the two created an experience of their own, I was left with such an intrigue & interest in the recent works of their Non-Profit, Happy Feats. The entire STORY could best be explained by CJ & The Jimenez Family who lost their ANGEL; Jacob Jimenez, back in 2006. Now flashing forward to 2013, the impact has led CJ to an exciting time for Happy Feats and all that they've supported. The Non-Profit, Happy Feats brings Sox & SMILES to children who are battling an illness and are hospitalized for various reasons. Happy Feats has recently teamed up with B-Fit Los Angeles for the 1st Annual Autumn 5K Run. Proceeds will go towards the Non-Profit. If you would like to Donate & Support, Simply : CLICK HERE

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