Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer In The City

Growing up in Southern California I have always embraced the insanity that is, Big City Life. Nothing screams Big City like a Summer Vacation in New York. The Fast-Paced city that never sleeps, definitely serves as a true Motivating Force for those who are chasing a dream. With that being said, I used this particular vacation as a mixture of Touristy Family Moments, along with A True New York City Experience. Obviously.... you could expect me to provide a full video & photo gallery from this exciting week on The East. In The Meantime enjoy the flicks found below, Thanks New York !!!! Peace & Thought Freedom, RJ

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Central Park - Summer Vacation / NYC
DUMBO - Brooklyn Bridge
Time Square - New York City
Robyn (Sister) Before The Letterman Show
Radio & Television Personality - Lisa Evers - News Report 
Columbus Circle - Central Park South
Katrina (Event Planner) - Memphis Beat Promotion
Bike & Roll w/ Friend & TV Host - Julian Dujarric 
Church Sunday w/ J Cacho (Fashion Student) Youtube 
Historic - St. Patrick's Cathedral - 460 Madison Ave.
Famous - Juniors in Downtown Brooklyn - 386 Flatbush Ave.
30 Rockefeller Plaza - The Today Show
w/ Grandma Mandy - Family Vacation / NYC
w/ Uncle Donald - Family Vacation / NYC
Broadway Show - Rock of Ages / 80's Rock Musical
Alicia Keys / Central Park Performances - Clip 1 / Clip 2 
Thank You - New York - Thank You
More Pics & Video - Coming Soon

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Christina Baita said...

It's definitely a big change of pace! I grew up in South Florida and live in *gasp* Ohio now as a flight attendant. Of course, I am hardly ever there anyway! I still remember the first time that I visited S Cali. I fell in love immediately. I just did a whirlwind tour of Manhattan (just the touristy things) and thought it was pretty cool too. A little too big and insane for me and no mountains but sweet all the same. Central Park makes it's all worth it though. Still nothing like being able to be on the beach and see snow on the mountains at the same time though.