Monday, October 27, 2008

Changeling - Red Carpet w/ Ronnie Jr

What up Gente....Entertainment Website, recently sent me to experience the "Oscar Buzz" that is Changeling. I was on the Red Carpet and got the full scoop. Check it out !!!!

Provocative & Intriguing are two words that best describe the exciting new drama, Changeling. hit the Red Carpet for the Los Angeles Premiere and learned that sometimes "truth is stranger than fiction." Director Clint Eastwood teams up with Angelina Joilie & John Malkovich to explore the true story of Christine Collins in 1928. Collins played by Jolie, takes you on a journey of lies and deception after the kidnapping of her son Walter Collins. 
The film has quickly began to receive Oscar Buzz which is always exciting, However Clint Eastwood explains that the process is just as rewarding, " Ya know I just make the films and I really enjoy making them, thats all." The story which takes place in Los Angeles in the 1920's was definitely one of a kind says Eastwood, "It shows what it must have been like for a women to be by herself and try to take on the LAPD and the political establishments of that time, its an uphill battle but she ends up bringing them down." 
And if this provocative drama doesn't hit you instantly, Clint Eastwood humorously says "Audiences will love Angelinas Beautiful Face." For more info on the Movie log on to Could Jolie win the Oscar for her portrayal of a Strong Mother out for the truth, We'll just have to wait and see.
written by: Ronnie Jr


Gpoop said...

Awesome man!

Alice said...

TY for the 411 Ron Jr. I am definatly going to check out this film with my moms.