Monday, March 9, 2009

San Diego Weekend

This past weekend I traveled South to the Amazing City of San Diego, Which is always fun !!!! One of my cousins had just moved out that way & it felt like a perfect weekend to let loose. On Sunday I had scheduled a Green Screen Shoot with Radio Friend, Vanya of Blazin 98.9 fm. Both of us are currently in production with updating our Host Reels, But felt that this last Duo Shoot would pretty much complete the project. So I did my San Diego as an official "Work & Play" Weekend. Enjoy the Pictures Below....

Balboa Park, San Diego
Balboa Park, San Diego
Cousin Lee, Me, & Cindy
Cousin Kim viewing the Art Work
Balboa Park, San Diego
Saturday Night Starts Early
Hooters, Mission Valley
Santee, San Diego / Kim's Birthday
Beer Pong Madness
The Office, North Park
Crazy Cousins
Sunday Afternoon Shoot w/ Vanya
Vanya Green Screen Shoot
Weekend End w/ Cousin Alex
Peace & Thought Freedom, Ronnie Jr


Gpoop said...

Damn, Balboa Park looks awesome!

Beer pong FTW!

TLOAC said...

looking good ronnie. looks like you had fun this weekend.

and i agree with adam -- beer pong ftw!! even though i suck at it and always wind up losing it's still fun! lol

jessefresh310 said...

always ending up in a hooter's huh? lol... i love how the pics are a journey, beginning with some tought freedom at balboa, then going to hooters, then getting wasted with beer pong, and then, (im assuming) the sunday after, hanging out with the kids... right back to thought freedom, lol...

I LOVE YOU said...