Saturday, January 17, 2009

Randomly Ronnie Jr - Featured Blog

What up Everybody, Check out the Video Below hosted/produced by my Amazingly Talented Friend, Starr Session. She is a Reporter for a new lifestyle website called Los Angeles I AM. Her most current story is about The Death of The Newspaper. This very Blog is Featured in The Video Clip, Enjoy !!!!


SafetyPinMyHeart said...
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SafetyPinMyHeart said...

Awesome. It's sad to think how much technology is killing the newspapers. But some people prefer getting their news online rather than actually reading the paper.

Gpoop said...

Jackie, I don't think it's sad. Why pay and wait every morning for the paper when you can go online,anytime and anywhere and get up to the second information about anything?! Make sense to me.

Great topic Ronnie!