Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sexy Salsa w/ Tera Bonilla

Wow, Thursday Night was a whole lot of fun. My friend and co-worker Tera Bonilla took the stage at The House of Blues in Hollywood. This was such a treat for me, I’ve heard her music before, But I had never gotten a chance to see her perform. Let me just tell you, Tera and her band “The Red Loquita” were on fire. The crowd was pumped and we all had a blast. It seemed like everyone from Movin and Power were there to support That SEXY SALSA. It was really cool to see Tera in her element. If you thought she was amazing on The Radio, please make sure you pick up her new CD. All the info can be found @

BTW, Tera and Corry’s Dance Break was dope….Ohhhh Baby


SafetyPinMyHeart said...

sounds liked fun!

Alice said...

I sooo missed it. Damn Drama!! But she is AWESOME!! Love her and her music.